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Monday, March 19, 2007

American Politics: The Strange Tale of Michael Ruppert

For those of you who don't know, Michael Ruppert, admired by leftist Conspiracy Theorists (CTers) worldwide, and his organization have fallen on hard times. Ruppert is a former LA cop, who served for about five years before being "forced out" to use his words. He then contrived to make some sort of living for 20 years until 1998, when he started the website/newsletter From the Wilderness. His initial angle was the CIA's supposed involvement in drug trafficking, a focus which he expanded to other CTs. But, lo and behold, when 9/11 came along, Ruppert quickly moved into the realm of extreme conspiracy, writing Crossing the Rubicon, the title of which refers to Caesar ending the Roman republic by entering the boundaries of Rome with an army and the content of which focuses upon the Bush administration's, commonly referred to in conspiracy circles as the BFEE, or Bush Family Evil Empire, culpability in the attacks of 9/11. The book has become a conspiracy theorist's reference manual, making Ruppert a favorite of leftist websites everywhere, and particularly of Democratic Underground, a cesspool of communists, anarchists, conspiracy theorists, and "Hate America Firsters," commonly referred to across the internet as DUmmyVille and whose posters are known as DUmmies. Evidently Ruppert's energy and talents were not contained merely by 9/11, as he has recently gone on to become an advocate of Peak Oil, the notion that the earth's oil supplies have peaked and are now in decline, another DUmmy favorite. This gig has provided him with living, writing and lecturing to the AlBore crowd.

Ruppert is also known for advocating a guy named Delmart (really!) Vreeland, a supposed naval intelligence officer who had advance knowledge of the BFEE's sinister plans for 9/11. Unfortunately, just prior to 9/11, Vreeland was in a Canadian jail on fraud charges (he's been arrested 25+ times in his life). But, ever valiant, the dedicated naval officer wrote down the details which he gave to his attornies in a sealed envelope, which was revealed in court in October 2001! Vreeland is also notable for informing his friend, the late Andy Stephenson, an election reform advocate who died last year of complications from pancreatic cancer, of the BFEE's plans to nuke the Mall of America just prior to the 2004 elections, thereby, of course, ensuring a Republican victory. Stephenson, formerly a regular poster in DUmmyville and writing as God_Bush_and_Cheney (or something similar), alterted the DUmmies, generating a good deal of agnst, panic, and confustion, and, to their credit, some skepticism.

But then, about a year ago, Ruppert started to get really strange (if that's possible), posting that his organization had been infiltrated by government agents, who were intent upon distrupting the operation of his newsletter/website. One, in particular, was a femme fatale who seemed to seduce everyone in the organization (possibly including Ruppert?) with the goal of destroying from within. There were also sightings of "obvious government agents" staking out his LA headquarters and, in a final coup de gracie, his premises were broken into and his computers destroyed (thereby destroying information key to bringing down the BFEE). Now, Ruppert perceived himself in danger as the evil republican bastaaaards were out to silence him. No longer would he be able to speak truth to power!!!!

Soooo, Ruppert came up with this great idea! He'll escape the BFEE by "slipping out the back, jack" to Hugo Chavez's socialist paradise, where he would be greeted as a hero of the revolution. What a good idea! Unfortunately, ideas which seem good in the basement eating Cheetos don't always work out in the light of cold, harsh reality. Today, I went to Ruppert's website and found, to my surprise, that Hugo's NeverNeverLand ain't all that it's cracked up to be and that Mike's perhaps not the world-wide hero of the Left he imagined himself.

In an interesting article, Ruppert's roomate in Caracas details his five month stint in paradise. First, we learn, that Mike don't hablo no Espanolo (Q. What type of person goes to live his life in another country without first learning the language? A. A DUmmy.). Moreover, due to an obvious oversight (probably caused by NED agents who have infliltrated the great Latin revolution), no one from Hugo Thuggo's government came to greet Ruppert, to introduce him to the fold, to welcome a fellow traveler to the great revolution! In fact, Mike was pretty much ignored.

We also learn through the article that the locals (who clearly had no idea of the genius they were in the presence of) managed to, supposedly through the use of a "date rape" drug, scopalomine, empty Ruppert's bank accounts and max out his credit cards. And to pile humilation upon humiliation, he doesn't have any memory of the theft. Imagine, the dedicated Venezualan proletariat actually stealing from their fellow traveler, comrade, and mentor!

Finally, we learn some things about Hugo's wonderful socialized health care system. Ruppert seems to have quite a few health problems, which, of course, the forcibly-imported Cuban doctors in the Socialist Republic of Venezuala would expertly treat and correct. Weelll, not quite. Ruppert goes to a clinic wherein a Cuban doctor determines his blood pressure is extremely low; so, she gives him a strong cup of Cuban coffee!!! She then sends him to another clinic, with a specialist (imagine, a specialist!). First, he's told to come back after lunch. When he does, the staff tell him that, unfortunately, the urologist won't be in until January (it's currently November). Thank the trinity, Hugo, Hillary, and the Holy Ghost, for socialized medicine.

Ruppert's sad tale ends in Canada, of all places, to which he's managed to retreat in order take advantage of their taxpayer-funded medical system. His organization is in disarray and he's published a note to his creditors and to those who have bought items but not yet received them: TOO BAD. However, if you want donate to preserve the "treasure trove" of Ruppert's website on the internet forever for future researchers or if you wish to buy 4000 copies of his book in bulk, you're welcome to.


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A typical smear campaign against the man, but not his work. Dare to debunk "Crossing the Rubicon?

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